About Us

About Krunkerio.org

Krunker.io is a battle io game. It is quite difficult to win in this game. Most players don’t have enough knowledge to start this game and they don’t know how to play the game. That’s why we set up this site because we want to increase the number of games playing professionally. Thus, all players can enjoy the game easily.

You can find a lot of information about the game on our guide website. Some of these information are krunker.io guide, krunker.io weapons, krunker.io wiki, krunker.io controls, krunker.io account and more. The goal of our website is sharing the details of krunker.io game. That’s why we established the krunker.io guide site which is krunkerio.org.

Official language of krunkerio.org is English for global users. The server of krunkerio.org is located in Newyork – United States.


For Players: contact@krunkerio.org
For Developers: admin@krunkerio.org