Akimbo Uzi Guide akimbo uzi Akimbo Uzi is a two-handed automatic weapon. Many players prefer this weapon because it can fire quickly. Detailed features of this weapon will be mentioned below.

Is Akimbo Uzi a Great Choice of Weapon?

The best thing about a 3D FPS gun game is that you will enjoy a lot of action. Not only that but you will get access to various types of weapons that can be used inside the game. There are different types of weapons in the game. All these weapons have their benefits for drawbacks. Once you understand the use of these weapons in you will surely love playing with it. You can easily find information about Akimbo Uzi which is a great weapon for close combat. There are different types of things that you can enjoy when you use the Uzi in the game. It is a great weapon that is loved by most people for its firing speed and dual-wielding ability.

The firing range of this weapon has been reduced since the first players were introduced. Later, the sound, attack range, and appearance of the weapon were updated again.

Info about the Akimbo Uzi

It was first introduced as a primary weapon that is used by the agent. It was first released in the game 0.9.9 9.4. The UZI is a dual wield weapon and it is the only two weapons in the game in which you cannot use sides. The other is using your hands. Uzi is one of the popular choices for all the players and it is based on its real-life counter weapon. The UZI is a great weapon that is a blowback-operated submachine gun. It is not similar to the predecessor but you can surely find some unique features in the game. The information of the Akimbo Uzi is listed below. akimbo uzi

  • Damage: 14
  • Damage dropoff: 13
  • Zoom Rate: 1.5
  • Swap Time: 300 ms
  • Aim Speed: 120 ms
  • Reload time: 1300 ms
  • Pierce: 1
  • Range: 700 Units
  • Number Of Ammo: 18
  • Fire rate: 70 ms
  • Spread: 40
  • Speed multiplier: 1.04
  • Headshot multiplier: 1.5

Dual Wielding of Akimbo Uzi

As you can check out from the name, the Akimbo Uzi is a dual wield, suppressed, and fully automatic submachine gun. It can fire at a speed of thousand rounds per minute which is a high rate that makes it a deadly weapon in close combat. One of the things that you can find less impactful about this weapon is its inability to use the sides. So you cannot use it properly for the long-range as you cannot fire it without proper sides.

Combat Ability

To ensure that the players do not have any issues while using UZI they can crouch down. It can ensure that it can help in improving accuracy while using UZI. It is highly recommended that you prefer close-range combat and avoid long-range combat as much as possible as the users will have a significant disadvantage.

So you can consider this great weapon whenever you are playing the Akimbo Uzi. You can easily enjoy a great time and ensure that you can go to combat with multiple players. You can join the room to battle with multiple bonds and use it as your primary weapon which can be deadly in close-range combat. You can visit the weapons list to learn more about weapons.

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