How to Join Clans? clans players should know how to join or create clans easily. If you like first person shooter games, game is for you. In this game, you choose a class and start the game. You must kill enemies with your weapons and then you should have the first rank on the leaderboard. A clan system is available in the game. Each player can create his / her clan. If you want to enter a pre-established and powerful clan, you should look at the list of clans. You must determine the clan that suits you best.

How to Join or Create Clans?

  1. Each player can send a request to join clans by selecting a clan from the clans list.
  2. To be able to send requests, you must first create a account.
  3. Log in if you already have an account that you have already created.
  4. After logging in, click the account tab on the homepage.
  5. Information about your account will be displayed. If there is no clan name written in that section, you are not a member of any clans
  6. Click the none button to become a clan. A menu will be displayed to your screen.
  7. This menu contains the create clan and join clan options.
  8. If you want to create a clan, you should use the create clan section.
  9. If you want to join an existing clan, you should select the clan by looking at the list of clans.
  10. Once you select the clan, you must write the clan’s name in the join clan section and submit it.

Explain About Clans

Clans games can have reward tiers that are hard to reach, but the best rewards are those at the higher tiers. clans games are very basically a bunch of challenges that will reward the users playing the game. The users are divided into two battle clans who have to shoot the other members down to win the game. The players in order to win the game must have a proper knowledge about the map and concept of the game. It makes it easier for the players to find and kill their enemies if they know the hacks of their game. The clan is a very simple, easy yet interesting game that is played by everyone and is gaining popularity with each day growing. To see the latest clan features in, you should check out clans 2020. Game is a first person shooting game in which the user can find tactics and strategies to play the game of battleground. The user’s main aim is to defeat all the enemies on the battlefield. The users are usually attracted to the best kind of animations and special effects that appear onscreen when the enemies are killed. The game is built in today’s browser or with flash technologies which makes it easier for the players to run the game on their new browsers. The users are allowed to choose their own class, which is their very own character with modern updated weapons in the game.

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