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The Revolver is the first weapon of the detective class. The bullet of this weapon is very powerful, if you hit the enemy full, it will take more than half of the enemy’s health. However, if you aim at the enemy’s head, you can probably kill your enemy in one shot and earn points. Below you can access detailed information about the Revolver gun.

Is Revolver A Great Choice For Close Combat?

When you look at any type of gun game, you will always find that the revolvers are always underrated. It is because of the low damage of the Revolver and you will also get less bullet. One of the reasons many people prefer assault rifles or any other gun is because they can be used for short or medium-range options. The revolver is a primary weapon that is used by the Detective. It is available in the game and it was launched. The pistol revolver has high base damage which can make it quite perfect in the game. Players can communicate with their friends through the Discord server to better perform with their weapons.

Details About The gun

Revolver is generally based upon its real-life alternative which is an American-made 6″ Colt Python. It uses a point 357 Magnum caliber revolver. This American made revolver is quite popular as you might have already seen it in various movies in other games. It is just like various other games in the weapons in the game which is basically from its predecessor. There are a lot of weapons in the game. revolver

  • Special Effect: None
  • Pierce: 0.85
  • Damage: 66
  • Damage Dropoff: 5
  • Range Distance: 700
  • Ammo Count: 6
  • Reload Time: 900 ms
  • Fire Rate: 390 ms
  • Spread Rate: 100
  • Zoom Rate: 1.45
  • Swap Time: 200 ms
  • Aim Speed: 110 ms
  • Speed Multiplier: 1.04
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.5

What Is Revolver Firing Speed?

In the game even get the semi-automatic Revolver with of firing speed of 100 rounds per minute. The reason why many people are there are many players before using the weapon is that it has high base damage which can help you to get to hit kill and any class of the game.

So, you can expect damage of up to 66 with a body shot and 98 damage with a headshot. The damage fall is quite as compared to the base damage so it will always remain above 60 in most of the cases on the maps.

A High Base Damage

The high base damage along with its headshot bonuses ensures that you can easily get an advantage when you choose this revolver in the game. You can easily get a two-shot kill in any class of the game. If you are playing against Hunters and the Marksmen, then you can get a one-shot kill to the torso. So it’s a perfect counter pick if you are playing in any competitive or rank game.

In the Revolver, you will get damage of a 66 with the drop-off 10. It has a pierce of 0.85 with a range of 700 units. You will get 6 ammo and the revolver with a reload time of 900 ms. The swap time is around 200 ms with a spread of 100. You will get a zoom of 1.45 in the revolver. So, overall it is a great choice of weapon for the players with a short-range fight option.

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