Desert Eagle Guide desert eagle Desert Eagle is a secondary weapon type. This weapon is highly effective and can fire quickly. Many players can shoot effectively with this weapon as a secondary weapon. There are many players who can finish the game first with this weapon. You can also walk and run very fast when you wear this weapon.

Why Choose Desert Eagle?

Desert Eagle is among the five secondary weapons which are available in the game. The Desert Eagle was first launched in the 0.9.9 point 99.6 version. You can easily find that it might be a slower weapon, but its power is much more amazing.

It is a powerful version of a pistol and you can easily use it with all the classes which can be equipped with the secondary weapon.

So you can consider it as a secondary weapon which has more power to ensure that it can deal more damage while playing the game. You can easily use the secondary weapon along with the primary weapon of the day Deagler.Many players use this weapon because it can be moved very quickly with this weapon. It is considered as a really effective and powerful secondary weapon. desert eagle

Is The Desert Eagle Based On A Real Gun?

The Desert Eagle is based upon a real-life gun, which is from an Israeli and American made Desert Eagle. It is a semi-automatic handgun that fires a 50 caliber Magnum round. You can easily get this gun the game as a secondary weapon.

There are many weapons in the game which are based on its predecessors. The Desert Eagle is also one of these guns and it usually finds it quite useful in close combat and middle-range combats. The gun can help you to get a piercing of 0.85.

The technical specifications of the Desert Eagle weapon are listed below.

  • Damage: 45
  • Damage Dropoff: 10
  • Fire Rate: 450 ms
  • Spread: 150
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.2
  • Zoom: 1.4
  • Swap Time: 200 ms
  • Pierce: 0.85
  • Range: 700 units
  • Ammo: 7
  • Reload: 1000 ms
  • Aim Speed: 110 ms
  • Speed Multiplier: 1

Firing Speed Of Desert Eagle

When you use the garden in the game, then you will find that Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol that has a firing speed of 150 pounds a minute. Many players love this as it helps you to get higher damage. It is the reason why it has become a favorite for many professional players.

It can easily help you to get a one-hit kill on the players like hunters. It also has a relatively low requirement so you won’t have to worry about anything when using this gun. A fire rate of 450 MS is quite amazing and it has an aim speed of 110 m mess with the speed multiplier 1.

More Details About Desert Eagle

So, Desert Eagle is a great weapon that you can use in the game. You can surely find that the weapon is quite powerful as you can sustain more damages while using this gun in any range. It has a damage of 45 and the damaged drop off is 10. The range is 700 units can you will get 6 Ammo one round. The reload time for the Desert Eagle is around 1000 MS. It spread is around 150 which is quite great for a pistol.

With this weapon, you can easily shoot medium and close-sized enemies. This weapon can inflict 54 damage to the opponent as a headshot. This weapon can inflict 45 damage to the enemy as a bodyshot. In addition, this weapon can deal 22.5 damage as a limbshot.

To become a professional in the game, you must know all the weapons and be able to play well with most of them. If you want to know other types of primary or secondary weapons in this game, you can check the list on weapons.

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