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The Sniper Rifle is the primary weapon of the character Hunter in the game. This weapon has the same mechanics and appearance as a real-life sniper rifle. When its bullet hits the opposing player, it can inflict great damage. In addition, you can kill the enemy with a single bullet. The biggest disadvantages of this weapon, respectively, are the small number of rounds in the magazine and the length of time between shots. Sniper Rifle

When using the sniper rifle in the game, then you will surely get high base damage in it. It is a primary weapon that will lose you will receive when you choose the hunter class in the game. The sniper was available in the game when it was first launched. Due to its high base damage can you can easily one shot every other class. The firing range of a Sniper rifle is a thousand units that are quite good for a sniper as you can easily take cover and keep your distance from the opponents. It has high damage to a hundred.

Details About Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle in Krunker is based on its real-life counterpart, the British-made Arctic Warfare rifle series. The Intervention model of the Sniper Rifle in is based on its real-life counterpart, the American-made CheyTac M2000 Intervention, a bolt-action sniper rifle.

The Scout Mastery model of the Sniper Rifle in is based on its real-life counterpart, the American-made Remington Model 721, a bolt-action sporting rifle. In the same way as other of weapons, the Sniper Rifle is based on its predecessors. sniper rifle

  • Headshot: 163.5
  • Bodyshot: 109
  • Range: 1000 units
  • Ammo: 3
  • Reload: 1700 ms
  • Fire Rate: 920 ms
  • Zoom: 2.7

What Is The Firing Speed?

In-game, the Sniper rifle is a bolt-action rifle shooting marginally more than 40 rounds for every moment. Its long-range and high base harm allows this weapon to one-hit slaughter practically all classes all things considered commitment separations.

Because of Hunter’s low health, players must land their first shot with this weapon or danger being out-gunned by every single other class. The main exemption to this would be while encountering a Spray N Pray since that is the main class the sniper rifle cannot one shot, which means players need to polish off the opponent with either a secondary or melee weapon.

The Sniper has the ability to change bullets really slowly. While other characters’ bullets can be fired very quickly, the sniper has a cooldown.

Use Scope or No-scope

The sniper is the main weapon that can acquire the rewards for speedy degree and no-scope executes. Joined with the tracker’s low health, this can make high-hazard, high-reward situations that must be settled rapidly by the player to choose whether or not to attempt to play out a more hazardous move for additional focuses.

So you can easily choose the Sniper rifle in the game which will surely help you to overpower your opponent’s with your strength. The sniper rifle is quite amazing and you will receive 3 ammo in it. The reloading time is 1500 MS.

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