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The main weapon of the Trooper class in the game is the Blaster weapon. This weapon was added with update 2.6.9 and its strike power has been increased with many updates during the development of the game. In this article, we are going to look at the statistics of the Blaster weapon.

How Good Is Blaster?

Blaster is a newly added class that is available with the trooper. As you already know the trooper does not have any skin right now. You can see some Blaster skins in the future to enhance its appearance. It is a great choice of weapon as you can easily enjoy using it for long or close-range fights. You can use it like any other automatic weapon, which is great to use in combat.

The Details About Blaster

When you check out the plastic or more you will surely be impressed by its amazing design. It surely resembles a modern blaster that can shoot lasers. You can find that it is the first step on which has an automatic project filings project firing system. The details of the Blaster are listed below.

  • Special Effect: Projectile-based
  • Damage: 35
  • Damage Dropoff: 0
  • Range Distance: 700
  • Ammo Count: 16
  • Reload Time: 1600 ms
  • Fire Rate:  160 ms
  • Spread Rate: 100
  • Zoom Rate: 1.60
  • Swap Time: 300 ms
  • Aim Speed: 130 ms
  • Speed Multiplier: 0.95
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1 blaster

You can also find that the other guns which follow the project base guns are the Rocket Launcher and the Crossbow.

You will get a reflex sight in the blaster which is a default attachment so you cannot change it. You can find that it’s just like any other automatic weapon and you can easily use it without any type of attachments. Players can check the information about weapons from the weapons web page.

Why Game Fans Will Love Blaster?

Blasters are sci-fi-based weapons and you can find many of these guns with multiple submachine guns. You can easily find many skins for this gun in the future which can help in changing its overall look.

The players can easily find that most guns have skin. It will surely get its skin and the future. Blaster has many similarities with Stormtrooper’s assault rifle from the Star Wars franchise.

You can also find that it has no secondary weapon which means that you have to call it to depend upon this weapon to enhance your compatibility. This gun is surely a favorite amongst many players who love the sniper gun type. The spread is about a hundred and you will get an aim speed of 130 MS. The shot multiplier is one. It can delay damage of 35 and the reloading time is 1600 millisecond.

So you can consider this Blaster which will surely be fun for you. You will enjoy using it doesn’t happen if you are a Star Wars fan. As you already know that this gun signifies the blasters or the assault rifles from the Star Wars franchise.

So, you can use the Blaster similar to a Stormtrooper assault rifle when playing the game and enjoy a great experience. You won’t get any secondary weapon along with a bit so you have to use it accordingly. If you want to learn other weapons in the game, you should check the weapons guide.

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