Krunkitis & Cure krunkitis Krunkitis is a type of virus and disease in the game. It was created to show players how fast viruses spread. A healthy player can catch the virus and be healed with the Antidote XVI weapon.

What Is The Krunkitis?

Krunkitis was a fun addition to the update 2.0.8. In this, the account of a player will be infected by a virus that is created in the game. The Krunkitis a fictional virus that will only impact the accounts of all the players. The virus is meant to create awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The developers have started their way of describing how the fictional virus can infect. If a person is not careful enough then they can also get infected with this virus. So educating yourself about the current situation will be useful. You can follow the advice of health organizations and governments to keep yourself safe.

How Does It Help In Spreading Awareness?

By creating a fictional Krunkitis helps in providing players information about how a virus can quickly spread from one account to another. Such things can help you to keep yourself safe by becoming aware of all the current changes. By avoiding contact with another player in the game can help you to stay away from the virus. You can get infected when you kill an opponent who has the virus and if you are in close range then you will get it. krunkitis

Krunkitis virus can infect players in custom games and normal games. However, virus spread does not happen in Hide and Seek, Prop Hunt, and Parkour.

How To Recognize If You Have Krunkitis?

There are various methods by which you can easily recognize if a person has Krunkitis or not. The chat will announce a new infection about the infected player. The player who will have this wire will turn into a green color. It is the quickest way by which you can recognize whether they have the virus or not.

You can also hear cough noises from the players who were infected by the virus. The users can also notice the symbol which will repair near the username as their profile image will start to turn green.

Players who enter the game as a guest are not affected by the virus. An infected player is healed if hit by a healthy player with Antidote XVI. A player who has recovered can become infected again by being infected.

Changes After You Get Infected

Many things can help you to recognize whether the employer has a virus or not. A green infected symbol will appear right on the username of the player. You can also see that the chart will announce the new infection and the player will turn into the green color. It is a great way to recognize the virus.

These are some of the fun ways by which you can enjoy the game and stay aware of the Krunkitis. You must keep yourself educated about all the new changes and the rules by the health industry. Once you follow all the safety and security know when you won’t have to worry about any issues of getting infected.

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