Best Gun Guide best gun best gun allows the players to combat their enemies and gain the most points. A gun is the main weapon used in While there is no agreement among players of which gun is the best, there are definitely great classes of weapons that can be extremely useful. And while all weapons are useful, there are of a different class. This, therefore, means that some guns can do a better job than others and help you win the game easily. Best Gun

As mentioned before, players have always disagreed on what class of gun should be ranked the highest. In this post, we have ranked the guns based on what the majority of players are saying.

Hunter – Sniper Rifle

If you are a fan of, then you will agree with me when I say that Hunter- Sniper Rifle is the best weapon in this game. The mag size is very good and the fire rate is fast enough. The movement and damage are also extremely good. It is also totally balanced. If you hold the pistol and you can hit shots with it, you will find this weapon very satisfying to use. What makes it totally balanced is Hunter’s health. You should check best class information page before reading the best gun guide. best gun

Detective – Revolver

This is a pretty nice gun and it is the second most powerful gun in the game. The mag size makes a lot of sense and the movement speed is great. Damage is also pretty good. However, the fire rate is very high and should be lowered a bit. Actually, the noobs spam literally and don’t even aim. This makes the lobby to go chaotic.

Vince – Shotgun

Vince is too good and OP at Krunker. As compared to the Revolver and Sniper Rifle, Vince Shotgun is a bit broken. This gun has an average tone of range and the damage is mostly okay. However, the range should be nerfed. Players can literally destroy others halfway across the map. It fires very fast and therefore, the fire rate should be lowered.

Run n Gun – Sub Machine Gun

If your aim is not too good, then this is the perfect best gun for you to practice aim with. Good movement speed and good mag size. Except for Littletown, this gun is decent on all other maps.

Triggerman – Assualt Rifle

This class is for you if you want to shoot enemies quickly and with many bullets. This weapon can bounce in a series of shots. best gun is shown as Assault Rifle according to many players.

Spray n Pray – Light Machine Gun

There are too many bullets in this class’s weapon, but the firing speed of the weapon is slower than that of many other classes. You should aim correctly with this weapon because it can bounce when you shoot too much.

Marksman – Semi Auto

Many players are afraid to play with this class because it is the most difficult type of character to aim at enemies.

Rocketeer – Rocket Launcher

It is a character that is difficult to hit the target from distance shots but very easy to hit the target at close shots. You can detonate the enemy with a rocket.

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