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There are many different weapons and character classes available in the game. The favorite weapon of many players is the Shotgun. The reason for this is that this weapon can deal very good damage to the enemy. You can hit more players as it fires multiple bullets at once. Shotgun

When you chose to choose the Character Vince in the game, then you will get Shotgun as your primary weapon. It was present during the launch of the game. The shotgun is one of the few weapons which has multiple models present at the same time. So, you can easily use a shotgun which is quite an amazing weapon for close-range combat.

It has a Damage of 50 and a Damage Drop-off of 50 so you cannot use it for long-range. The damage rangers 170 units so you need to be quite close to the opponents. You will receive two ammo in the shotgun and reload time is 1100 MS. shotgun

Details About Shotgun

The shotgun in the game is based upon the real-life counterpart which is from the Italian-made Benelli M4 Super 90. It is a gas-operated and semi-automatic generic 12 gauge shotgun. You’ll always find that it’s another model of the twelve gauges and the double barrel and a break action shotgun. So you can easily check all of them and learn about how great they are in the people’s range. Shotgun fire rate is 450 ms.

  • Headshot: 75
  • Bodyshot: 50
  • Limbshot: 25

What is the Firing Speed?

In the game come are you will learn that the Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun, which has a firing speed of 120 shells per minute? the shotgun has high damage with a high rate of fire. It is the reason why the shotgun is one of the deadliest weapons in the game which can help you to easily overpower your opponents in close range. The weapon’s spread is 120 and shoots 5 bullets for a fire. The most important disadvantages of this weapon are low ammo capacity and slow reload speed.

Although there are few bullets in the Shotgun, there are 60 bullets in the Machine Gun.

Get One Shot Kills in Close Range

All the players are advised to go for the slide hop to ensure that they can easily get into the close range to fire the shotgun from point-blank. It will help you to get one-shot kills with most of the opponents of different classes. It will help you to easily overpower your opponent and you can short a second time to kill them and succession. So, the shotgun is a great choice of weapon in the game which can help you to kill multiple enemies of different classes easily.

When you use the Shotgun in the game and its swap time will be 300ms with the aim speed of 120 MS. It has a Zoom of 1.25 with a speed multiplier of 1. When you get a headshot then it will be a multiplier of 1.5. So, the overall shotgun is a great weapon for the short-range to ensure that you can deal with heavy damage to the opponents.

The biggest rival of this weapon is Assault Rifle, which is stated by the players.

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