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krunkerio bots

Krunkerio bots offer the player some additional features that help in reaching the top level of the leader board. bots are very strong and can actually kill the players at once. When playing the Krunkerio game, you should be very careful of the bots. game is an online multiplayer battle game in counter-style strike. You can play this game directly from any gaming website on the browser.

The Features of Krunkerio Bots

  1. Player ESP (Wall Hack)
  2. Firebot
  3. Auto Reload
  4. Auto Aim
  5. No Recoil
  6. No Reload
  7. Fast Healer
  8. Player Tracers
  9. Auto Respawn
  10. Show FPS
  11. BunnyHop
  12. Aim Through Walls
  13. Custom Aim Settings
  14. Auto Weapon Swapkrunkerio bots
    Fast Keys
  • 1: Change Auto Aim Mode (to use auto aim, players should disable auto fire feature)
  • 2: Auto Bhop
  • 3: Auto Reload
  • 4: No Recoil
  • 5: Aim Delta
  • 6: Burst Shock
  • 7: Force Scope
  • 8: No Death Delay
  • 9: Super Gun
  • 0: Spin Bot

Krunkerio Bots (need tampermonkey or others below)

Small Download

You must have 


VirusTotal Scan: Bots

Players need to delete other bot extensions!

Updated: 1 May 2020

How to Fight with Krunkerio Bots

Krunkerio bots give you an advantage against other players and your enemies in game. They help you to enhance your gaming skills. This means that with bots, you will have advanced gaming skills, which will help you slay your rivals easily.

The bots are extremely strong and your enemies will find it extremely hard to fight you. Players normally find it difficult to fight with bots because the bots have extra strength. Besides being very strong, the bots also have all the advanced technical knowledge of all the strategies and tactics used in the game.

For you to play game well and have a chance of being the winner, you should have enough knowledge. You should know all the strategies used in the game. This is where Krunkerio bots come in. The bots are extremely knowledgeable about the game. So, when you are playing with the bots, you will be able to play safe as you kill your enemies. This will help you get more points.

Protecting Yourself from Other Players

If you are playing game with Krunkerio hacks, you should be very careful. If you see these users of bots while playing, you should shoot them at once. Also, be sure to aim at them and shoot them correctly so that they die. If you delay and fail to shoot them, these bot users will not give you any chance to continue playing. They will kill you immediately. So, shooting them immediately you spot them is the only way to stay alive in game.

The best way to protect yourself and fight fairly with Krunkerio bots is to get the bots also. With bots, your gaming skills will be enhanced and you will be in a great position to slay your rivals easily. Get bots today and get to the battlefield with renewed energy, advanced skills, and great confidence. With bots, you will be able to play like a pro.

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  2. I love this game. I hope I can be the first in this game. I want to prove to all my friends that I am the best.

  3. You made a very good game. I believe I can be even more successful in the game with bot. I will try and see. I thank your site and admins for everything.

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