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When you choose Marksman in the game, then you will receive Semi auto as the main weapon. It was added to the game when it was first introduced in the virgin 0.6.0. It is a semi-automatic marksman rifle that has a quick firing speed. It also has one of the highest DPS in the game. The damage of the gun is also quite high.

Details About Semi Auto Gun

To start with the gun, the semi-auto in the game is based upon the American-made Mk14 enhanced battle rifle. It is a country that has a selective fire and is used by the military-designated marksman rifle chambered. It uses a 7.62 into 51mm cartridge. It’s not like any other gun in the game as you cannot find the Semi Auto weapon and the processes of the game. So, it is a new weapon for the players of the game to ensure that you can easily use it for various combat purposes. Apart from this information, other important information about this weapon is listed below.

  • Reload: 1500 ms
  • Range: 1000 units
  • Aim speed: 120 ms semi auto

What Is The Firing Speed?

In the game, you can get a firing speed of 400 rounds per minute which is quite adequate according to its damage. You can use the semi-automatic marksman rifle with high base damage. Its rate of fire also helps you to easily beat multiple opponents while you are at a distance. You will find that it’s unlike any other weapon in the game as it does not have any damage drop-off. So you can easily continue to fire from a specific distance without having to worry about any loss and damage.

The Semi Auto weapon is a weapon type that is very good at medium-range shooting. Since it can fire semi-automatically, it can also be successful in the close-range shooting. On the other hand, it is a weapon with very low accuracy and damage rate at a long range.

Why go for the headshots?

Due to the high base damage of the Semi Auto, the players can easily aim for headshots. When using the weapon, you can easily attain to hit kill to all the classes in the game most of the classes. When you use the Semi Auto for the headshots then you will get a 1.5625 multiplier to ensure that even sustain get more damage on the opponents. It will provide you with an exact 51 damage per headshot to ensure that you can easily damage your opponent.

So you can consider the Semi Auto for your close or long-range combat. It can surely help you to get a great benefit as you can easily damage provide mood get more damage to your opponent’s. It also has a good headshot multiplier which ensures that you can easily get instant kills. You can easily kill most classes with two hits so you will not face any issues with it. If you want to learn other weapons in this game, you should check the weapons list.

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