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Since playing online games has become a trend, people have started playing shooting games online. engages the players where they have to captivate their brains extensively so that they can outwit their opponents. Bt interestingly best class also allows the users to change their player types.

How Can We Define Best Class? is a simple counter striker game played online between the two teams who have to pin down all other players in order to win and score the maximum points. There are about 8 different classes in the game and every player is free to choose any of the eight. Every class has a different exterior and features. The selection of best class depends on the gaming style of the user. best class

Types of Krunkerio Best Class best class lets the users change player to player because every player’s gaming style is different. A player can choose the class according to their preferred gaming style. If the user wants to change the class before starting the game, all you have to do is press the load-out button.

  1. Triggerman: The player wears a suit and his/her weapon will be an assault rifle and pistol.
  2. Hunter: The user wears a jacket and a cowboy hat. Weapons include a sniper rifle and a pistol. The sniper rifle is capable of shooting by zooming in.
  3. Run N Gun: The user wears a blue outfit. The only weapon the user in run n gun has is a submachine gun.
  4. Spray N Pray: In this class, the user wears a green coat and uses a light machine gun that has the capability of firing 100 bullets.
  5. Vince: In this class, the user uses a shotgun and can use the pistol as a secondary weapon as well.
  6. Detective: The user wears brown coats and hats. This class is considered one of the most difficult to play because of the weapon that is given a revolver. It is slow and weak.
  7. Marksman: In this class, the user wears a green jacket and uses a semi-auto rifle.
  8. Rocketeer: The user has a bazooka as the primary weapon and a pistol as the secondary weapon.

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